Insurance Policyholder Rights

Kerr & Wagstaffe provides legal counsel to individuals and business owners who are being treated unfairly by their insurance company. Regardless of the type of dispute, our goal is to provide insurance policyholders with all of the benefits that their insurance companies promised.

Our attorneys represent insurance policyholders in actions against their insurers for breach of contract, bad faith, misrepresentation, reformation and other legal claims. We also represent policyholders on appeal and on a class action basis.

Our experienced team can also assist you with pre-litigation matters such as claim negotiation, examinations under oath (“EUO”) and appraisals. Indeed, because insurance companies know of our tenacity and willingness to take cases to trial, we are often successful in resolving disputes without litigation.

Kerr & Wagstaffe has successfully litigated against insurance companies on claims arising from:

  • Business and residential property insurance;
  • Comprehensive general liability (“CGL”) insurance;
  • Directors and officers liability insurance;
  • Errors and omission insurance; and
  • Disability and life insurance.

Based in San Francisco, we represent clients in California and across the country. We do not charge a fee to evaluate potential cases, and we frequently work with our clients on a contingency fee basis—so we do not charge anything for our services unless we win or reach a settlement.

Please contact us for more information or a list of representative cases.